Vulnerability is difficult for me. It seems like anytime I have allowed myself to be vulnerable, I end up hurt and taken advantage of. Seems to be a common theme among a lot of us. I believe there are 3 types of people in this world:
Those that don’t let hurt phase them,
Those that don’t let the hurt change them,
and those that let hurt turn their heart cold.

Ive built some high walls around mine and within them it’s cold. Those who make it over find it’s not as cold as it seems but cold nonetheless. I’ve come to find that those who make it over these walls have been worth allowing them to stay. Proving me wrong most times about people, and warming my heart in a special way. Ive also come to find that I’ve loss some solid ones by building greater walls as people have gotten near, out of fear. Nevertheless, still holding true to the ideology that “less is more.” One foot in and one foot out is where I tend to stand because it hurts less in the end. Still have managed to provide 110. Walking contradiction to a fault.