Who Are We?

An online platform for women to anonymously share traumatic relational testimonies, and its impact on our lives and relationships as a form of self-healing, and as a means to motivate others.

Stories are voluntarily submitted by women to shed light on current or previous relationships in hopes of preventing others from entering into similar situations, and to empower those currently experiencing the same.

“Information is the key to transformation. The quality of your life cannot be  better than the quality of information available to you.” Sam Adeyemi. There is a wealth of amazing literature to promote healthy relationships such as the 5 Love Language: The Secret to Love That Last by Gary Chapman.

Please refer to the resource section for more. While many people learn best by reading the facts and seeing the evidence behind healthy relationship dynamics, many people learn best by hearing, seeing and reading how others have overcome challenges through testimonies. Let these testimonies transform your life by reading about raw experiences.

Some of these stories have never been told or told to this extent and for the writers themselves, sharing them in detail is therapeutic. “Sharing our stories with others, gives our pain, and suffering purpose. It offers hope to those who may not have any. It strengthens both them and us. Although we may be left with scars, the pain subsides, and the wound closes. We grow stronger, our character builds, and we become healthier than we have ever been before.”– Unknown

Meet the founder

Ashley Brown

This initiative came about talking to a group of women about where we are now, where we are trying to go, and most importantly where we have been in relation to our goals. A theme that emerged was how previous relationships have impacted our lives, and how we all have a story to tell.

I have written for almost 20 years, and have only started sharing publicly as of the past few years, infrequently. As a young professional I have always felt that depending on what I’m writing about, it doesn’t always come across as politically correct.

Freedom of speech is hardly free. What we say has the potential to impact the rest of our lives, and the lives of others as well. Likewise, opinions are more criticized and publicized than ever by way of social media. For those who write for healing, these are oftentimes barriers to sharing our  experiences with complete transparency.

When we write anonymously about our Hurt, we Help others Heal through our transparency by allowing them to see that there are more similarities in our stories than differences. We are enabled to heal by expressing ourselves freely. We don’t have to exclude those parts of our story that we always leave out. The parts that have caused guilt, shame, embarrassment, fear of repercussions and etc.

“Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.” -Jules Renard

Words to live by

“If it’s hurting you more than it’s healing you, love yourself enough to let it go.”