S- Seeking.

I- Intimacy without commitment.

T- Torturous for me, you, or both of us after a while, but I’m not going to admit that to you because I’m fearful of losing our connection.

U- Underserving because either you are underserving of me, or I’m
underserving of you…and that’s part of why this is what it is, because nobody else deserves us either.

A- Aware of both the realities and the fallacies that intimacy creates.

T- Truth is one person is always more aware than the other. Truth is you’re not sharing your whole truth but still expect me to trust and be truthful.

I- Impossible exceptions because feelings are a little deeper and
we’re not supposed to, nor allowed to go deeper… Are we?

O- Obviously this works for many people… and for many people it does not… Between us, who is really the most oblivious?

N- Not trying to hurt, but you’re hurting me by not taking this seriously because of your fears of your needs not being perfectly
fulfilled… but who’s perfect?

S- Sexually satisfied but those aren’t the only needs that need to be satisfied deep within. However for this situation, sexual
satisfaction should be enough. Shouldn’t it?

H- Hope that I forgive myself and hope that I forgive you when this is over. Honestly I’m feeling you more than I’d like to, and hurt. I’m the only one that’s going to be.

I- Intelligence in all areas but emotional.

P- Promise that we can remain friends, but we probably won’t because this has run its course and served its purpose.

S- Situationships