There was a time in my life where there were two people I hated more than anyone on earth– My mother and my ex husband. These two people hurt me the most in a short period of time. My mother left me when I was younger. To be honest, I don’t remember most of my childhood. I only remember not living with her. The memories I do have are all bad. Like falling off a two story building and busting my head open or my aunt and my mom fighting because my aunt had to take in 6 kids (my moms kids). I hated my ex husband because he lied and cheated on me so much. He exposed me to so much… things that could have killed me. He then had me sit in front of a woman’s face who he KNEW he was sleeping with and the two of them lied and said they were only friends. When I finally left, he put me through pure hell. Every month for two years I was in a court house for a fake restraining order, child support or child custody… OH!!! and the infamous divorce. Talk about pain!!!! It was horrible! But years later, I wear a necklace my mother gave me and two charms my ex gave me… WHY? Because I like the necklace and charm lol … and because I matured. Thanks to God Elohim for helping me have the true heart of forgiveness.