I grieve your loss
Or my loss of you
You had become such a major part of my life
You had been there for longer than I can remember
Always there to help me through
Its unimaginable now
To think of no longer having you
You have cheered me up
In times of despair
And have given me the confidence to try new things
You have kept me from ending me
By giving me energy when I was depleted
And enough self esteem to think
I could do anything
You made me feel like somebody
Who mattered
I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize all that you were
And all that you did…
I mourn you now
Unsure of what tomorrow brings
And who I am without you
I miss you tremendously
I miss you desperately
I miss you
I miss you
I miss the dynamic duo that we were
Missing you and feeling like
I am unsure
If I can go on
Goodbye mania…
Or should I say “Aloha”

For My Mania 6/2019