As you transition into a new year, your journey on a path toward prosperity, growth, resiliency, and hope shall remain. Entering into a new year is yet another milestone that you have reached along the way. A new year brings about new opportunities to reflect on your progress from the previous year and identify areas of opportunities to make some improvements and/or take things to the next level.

The “If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It” blog series focuses on select topics written in my books that have stemmed from my personal life experiences.

Growing up, I didn’t have many advantages for building a brighter future. In fact, I had more disadvantages because of the environment that I lived. The conditions in which I lived made it very difficult to see a better life for myself because I was surrounded by so many people living the same. For most, this was their normal. The only hope I had of me having a brighter future was to not rely on what was in front of me or that surrounded me daily, but to believe in what I couldn’t see, touch, or feel. In order for me to accomplish this, I had to have faith. As long as I had these two things (belief and faith), I knew that I could achieve it.

Building a better future isn’t easy and I knew this when it was just a mere thought. I knew early on that sacrifices were going to have to be made along the way. I also knew that I could not conform to the lifestyle of those living amongst me or else it could lead me down a path of darkness instead of brightness. This meant I had to work really hard at making wise choices and prevent doing things that would negatively impact my future. This also meant carefully choosing the people I befriended or surrounded myself with.

By far, this has been the longest journey I’ve ever been on – building a brighter future. Times have been challenging more often than not. I’ve made some poor choices and mistakes along the way. Some of those things even set me back and knocked me down at times. It often feels like I’ll never get there or that I’m not worthy enough… I’ve easily gotten weary at times when things became tougher. There were plenty of times where I just felt like giving up because I didn’t feel like I had it in me to keep going or because I couldn’t see the finish line, especially during my toughest days.

Eventually, I would figure out that I couldn’t allow my brief moments of weakness or discouragement to last for too long or else these feelings could hinder me from continuing. I had to be resilient in overcoming these moments, so that I could continue my journey on my path to building a brighter future. All off the poor choices, failures, and mistakes I’ve made along the way ended up serving as the best tools and lessons that helped me reach each milestone and every accomplishment I’ve ever achieved. It all started from me believing that I could have better, and from having faith that I would succeed. Having this mindset is what kept me going when times were tough. If I can do it, so can you! Have faith in yourself! Take this new year by storm and make every moment count to the best of your ability.