Mutually abusive each in our own ways. Crazy how emotional pain cuts deeper than physical in so many ways. Battling my “soulmate” constantly enraged. Losing myself day after day.
Who are these strangers screaming in each other’s face?
Refused to leave because quitting equates to failure. Right?
So many lessons, and could see our season coming to an end…
but would others understand?
Some of the illogical reasons we keep a woman or a man.
Opinions from others.
Great sex.
Material things.
The underlying reason being hope in human-beings.
Hope for loyalty.
Hope for love.
Hope for happiness.
Hope for trust.
Hope for a future.
Hope for honesty.
Hope for compromise.
Hope for peace.
Hope for growth.
Hope for consistency with these things. High standards or simply hope in human beings.