This past week I went to check my mail and my children’s father sent some ridiculous rebuttal to my paperwork I sent to the judge asking for passports for my children. He’s lucky I changed. There was a time when I would become so upset with him because he does nothing to support my children, but always has something negative to say about everything. I know I changed because I read his ridiculous statement, laughed and prayed for him. The old me would have called anyone with a listening ear to hear me talk about how wrong he is. I would have sent him a response via text (he used my text messages in court documents so I’m not doing that anymore lol), then I would have called and acted a fool… then I would have walked back and forth in my house convincing myself of how wrong he is. I wouldn’t have slept for days… his response would have ruined my mood. Instead, I’m chilling… using this anonymous blog to post and I’m done. Life is great because he’s lucky I changed.