My journey began several years ago, the hubby and I were at odds with one another and could not see eye to eye no matter what, he grew financially controlling and cheaper, I grew even more stubborn while fighting for a even playing field. The older we became, the worst our situation grew, this led to a 2-year separation, during that separation I encountered no means to an end and began to tap out fast financially which forced me to get financially creative and accept things I could not change and thank God for the wisdom to know and want better.
This was the day my life took a turn and I vowed to never rely on anyone else other than myself again for my financial well-being. Going through this chapter in my life I was forced to soul search, forced to take a long look at the women in the mirror forced to do a hard-core re-evaluation of self. Honestly, I did not like what I seen yet marveled at what I was about to become and realized at that very moment the need for change was evident, and for that change to take place I needed to forgive others as well as myself for all the pain I endured.
In my heart I knew I didn’t want to live a life of hurt, a life of unforgiveness, nor a life of uncertainty and self-pity. The devil is a liar and I gave myself permission to move forward and thrive.
That moment in prayer I forgave myself and everyone else involved, my life began to change I was at peace within. I became even more confident in self, with the beauty and peace I felt inside, and I wanted others to know and have the same beauty and peace within. So, I pulled up my big girl panties and set out to make a difference, not only in my life but the desire to make a difference in someone else life who might be going through the same situation and have no idea where to turn. From this bad episode of Roots MindScape Wealth was born and has now become my purpose, my drive, my passion to educate, empower, to bring about awareness to help others to thrive by planting seeds, whatever that seed maybe, it’s for the taking, all you have to do is ask.