Let them heal.
Their problems are not yours to steal.
Emotions can feel infinitely strong,
But they can’t hurt unless you bring them along.
These feelings should be temporary,
Much like a wave crashing lasts just momentary.
Do not let something brief and imaginary,
Destroy something long lasting and exemplary.

Let them heal.
The judgment of this world feels so real.
Yet unconditional love is most needed,
In a place, it is rarely heeded.
This warped love comes in the form of skepticism,
Unwanted help that feels more like criticism.
Yet we should not judge the judger of our show,
For those most hurt by it are the ones quickest to deal the blow.

Send them love.
Love is the answer we must not dispose of.
This love is needed most by those who hurt and judge.
Deep down they need connections but just can’t make their hearts budge.
So through love, you can teach
Show them what they can reach.
Help to remove the judgment and cynicism,
and soon we’ll all see the reduction of unnecessary criticism.

Forgive and Love.
And soon hate you will be rid of.
You may see hurt and hate all around you,
But that’s only if you allow it to be what’s true.
Treat them like unloved children,
For deep down a part of them is not filled in.
They speak hate to cope,
But you can show them that love brings hope.

– J and Kyle Kontos from CounselingMama.com